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Introducing: The HDC Starter Kit Fonts

Hello there! We are proud to introduce to you, the Hanken Design Co. Starter Kit!

This collection features 9 versatile typefaces (22 fonts) from Hanken Design Co. to utilise for creating a typographic sketch of an overall design or for implementing to an actual project. Fonts such as Radnika Next and Serif 420 have a very classical feel. Cerebri Sans Pro and Suprapower are the modern duo and will be great substitutes for the commonly used typefaces out there in the mainstream. A Hanken Design Co. Guide to Pairing is included in this kit to help kickstart a designer in the usage of HDC fonts.

22 Fonts [9 typefaces], Guide to Pairing HDC Fonts and the Starter Kit manual for only $20. Click below to own a copy now.

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