Pianono Display Typeface

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Like the delicacy of the same name, the Pianono is a playfully simple typeface that everyone can enjoy. As relaxing as that first munch of your favorite pillowy cake, your first time writing with this one will give you a fluffy feeling rooted in satisfaction. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, a touch of history lies in each twist and turn. If you worry that the curls are too extravagant for your text, this font takes pride in its rusticity, just like the dessert after which it is designed. Although it abounds in spiral embellishments, the letters retain their characteristics, making them readily readable in a classier manner! The next time you buy a slice for yourself or your family to devour, look closely into its sides where the spirals are seemingly imprinted. Compare it with your previous Pianonono, and you will notice that the curls of booming flavors do not always look the same. Remarkable, right? That is precisely the reason why you will never get bored of this typeface! If you inspect the twists of every letter, number, and symbol, you will find that these are all unique! Some curls are only partly circling, some are larger while others are tighter, and some are mere curves. Additionally, you can always play with the colors if you want your text to resemble a different taste. You can even create your own: strawberry, zesty orange, name it. That is the beauty of the Pianono! Its versatility is in your creativity! 

  • Glyphs
  • Weights
  • Class
    Display, Quirky
  • Glyphs400+
  • Weights4
  • ClassDisplay, Quirky
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Pianono Display Typeface

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